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We created a new webpage for prestigious credit card Wings, by Akbank. This Project, on which we worked hard and intense, became a successful web 2.0 work.

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Many different and interesting features which came into our minds and we created during the process of the development of the website made to take a little longer to start broadcasting. But it enabled that a dynamic, functional and interactive work to come out. I have to tell that this process, which made all of us exhausted, was quite enjoyable and exciting… As Mingus team, we are happy to have been participated in such a creative Project which pushed us harder, enabled us with new horizons and in which we were able to put our souls.

Generally, when you are working for a large and corporate company, your field for movements is limited. Because of this, there might be no creativity. After all, there is a large group of people as customers and this mass of people cannot step on as easily as you do. And at the end of the day, when all the work is done and the website is in broadcast, you have nothing else left for you to feel the joy of having been created a good website for a corporate company…

But, in Wings Project, the conditions were very much different. In the developing process, on Akbank’s side, we had the chance of working with an innovative and excited team, a team which follows the innovations almost as much as we do. Thanks to this, we created innovative ideas during the Project and we almost used all of thecnics.

So Wings became a web 2.0 project which is dynamic and a joy to use, far beyond a “presenatble” credit card website. And also, the website itself turned into a marketing tool.


About one thousand hotels and restaurants, which Wings introduce or give a discount, are marked on Google Maps. So, you can find a restaurant which has a discount for Wings can be found fast on Google Maps.  To see it on the website…



You can see all brands like patch work. To see it on the website…



For campaigns, we created a page using 3D features of Flash . To see it on the website…


We prepared the content of “Itinerary” part, which is updated every month, in the format of a magazine. To see it on the website…

We prepared a cover for every month.


You can follow what’s happening on Wings’ Twitter account on the website aswell. Also, you can register to the website by your facebook account, you can add desired content to your favourites or vote for them.

When you vote or add a restaurant, hotel or any kind of content to your favourites, if you want, you can publish it on your facebook profile page.

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  • Omer

    27 June 2011, 08:26
    Wings web sitesinde yaptiginizin isin kart sahiplerinin bilgiye erisimini engelledigini dusunmekteyim. Ozellikle mil puan hesaplama sayfasinda ( karsilastirmali tablo yerine sadece bir destinasyon icin mil degerlerinin gosterilmesi cok kotu. Millerini kullanarak bilet almak isteyen kart sahiplerine en azindan destinasyon bazinda alt-ust limitler gosterilebilirdi.
  • Cenk

    26 May 2010, 09:08
    Site gerçekten çok iyi olmuş. Bir kredi kartı sitesinden çok seyahat portali gibi olmuş. Tasarım da oldukça başarılı. Özellikle Facebook entegrasyonu çok pratik. Benim önerim siteyi biraz daha interaktif hale getirmek için yazılara yorum yapılabilmesi. Böylelikle ziyaretçiler de tecrübelerini paylaşabilir. Arama fonksiyonu da geliştirilip örneğin seyahatnameler içinde de arama yapılabilmeli.

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25 May 2010
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