Photoshop Magazin

We prepared the portal of Turkey’s most famous design magazine “Photoshop Magazin”. Within this website, which has 30 thousand users, there are about 100 thousand works. Designers put their works on the website, exhibit their portfolios, make friends like on facebook, participate in activities, vote each other’s works and share them.
All the content of published volumes of the magazine is also on the website. To the website, which became the “Facebook of Designers”, about 200 new works are uploaded daily.
One interesting part of the website is the arrow on top right. No matter which page are you in, when you pres this arrow, the website slides downwards. Also on the website, you can see which member does what real time.

Click here to reach to the website.



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  • yusuf

    19 October 2010, 15:58
    Çok başarılı bir çalışma olmuş, ellerinize sağlık.
    Kolay gelsin.

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02 March 2009
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