Would you like to work with us?

We are looking for team members who will always work with us.

If you think you can well perform in one of the duties below, you can send your CV to mingus@mingus-design.com

  • Developer (should know a good amount in flash action script 3.0, ajax, html, css)
  • Software Developer (should know PHP, MYSQL, linux server technologies)
  • Software Developer (should know .NET, ASP, windows server technologies)
  • Designer (Should know the design tools helping to establish a website)
  • Underline Designer (Should know design tools helping the printout processes)


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  • Günay AKIN

    04 June 2010, 06:49
    .NET, ASP, windows server teknolojilerini konusunda 2004 yıından beri izmirde faaliyet gösteren küçük bir firmayız. Karşılıklı çalışma imkanımız olursa sevinirirm saygılar,

    T: 532 7937316
    Günay AKIN

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17 December 2009
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